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Driven by Technology

Modern cars are extremely complex machines. Gone are the days when you could detect issues purely on the basis of telltale indications.

The Autosure Test Lab is equipped with cutting diagnostic technology made available to general car users for the first time. Our test results are in-depth, precise and reliable. This takes away from the subjectivity of conventional ‘expert opinions’.


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Transparent &

We provide you scientific test services for cars. Based on our test results, we give you a detailed report on the status and condition of your car. For the entire process we charge transparently.

We enable you to make great car decisions based on verifiable facts. However, we are not involved in the buying or selling of cars. We also do not directly service a car, sell parts, or even recommend vendors.


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A trusted legacy
of innovation

Autosure is a fully-owned subsidiary of ATS Elgi. We are part of the Rs.1200 Crores Elgi Group. Innovation and Excellence are in our DNA. In the domains we work in, we are amongst the leaders, and over five decades we have built a reputation for integrity

ATS-ELgi is No.1 in garage equipment and automation solutions. As preferred partners to India’s major car manufacturers and service specialists, our understanding of the performance challenges of on-road vehicles in Indian conditions is quite unmatched.

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Affordable fees
Exceptional value

Through test services that help buyers of pre-owned cars make the right choice, and sellers to get the price they deserve, we deliver exceptional value.

We deliver great value also when our test results help you detect issues with a car early so that they can be fixed at relatively lower costs.